Innova is redrawing the lines, and dismantling design convention, inch by inch, to deliver a new dimension in urban living. #micrologic means a new mindset and new opportunities to experience the city lifestyle in #smartlivingspaces - it is nothing short of inspired.

A city is the master of reinvention – of neighbourhoods, buildings, and our perceptions. That’s what makes them so exhilarating.

Open the door to seamless living space and interiors expertly designed and finished. City living that prioritises your needs, streamlined for the modern city dweller. Innova makes convenience and connectivity in every aspect a priority, from advanced technology to fun communal space in the Sky Terrace and Residents’ Lounge, together with a hotel-style concierge service. At night, Innova’s architectural form – and new role – is outlined on the urban skyline, a shining beacon of micro-living, beautifully honed.

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